Ca va / Alles goed

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CA VA / ALLES GOED is the outcome of a study for the creation of a « entrée de quartiers » (neighbourhood entry) between Chaussée de Gand and rue A. Dansaert (Brussels), to blur the boundary between these two districts.
The aim is to highlight the specificity of each area, while creating a link between the two shores of the Porte de Flandre.
The proposed installation delivers a welcoming message different from one bank to another, so as to create a dialogue between both neighbourhoods.
"CA VA" placed rue A. Dansaert, can be seen from the Chaussée de Gand
"ALLES GOED" placed Chaussée de Gant and visible from rue A. Dansaert
These two sentences respond to each other, engaging in a dialogue that uses the same language and the same materiality.
Letters integrate with existing elements; they criss-cross the street (and the bridge) into a three-dimensional effect of forced perspective.
The study concluded on a physical installation proposal with a pre-technical feasibility study, preliminary contacts with the region administration, technical plans for production, and a budget estimate.