Espace Winson


The new architecture conceived by ReservoirA totally rethinks this environment. The preservation of ancient volumes with their unique character overlaps with new highly legible structures.
The new signage system created for the site is sober and coherent with the contrast between old and new. It blends into the place, it is placed directly on walls, follows the shape of corners and catches the eye in crucial areas. It is straightforward and devoid of superfluous information as it combines with a particularly clear spatial organization.
The modularity and human character of the signage are used to create a new system based on A4 sheets fastened with rubber bands. Updates can be carried out internally while ensuring overall consistency. The simplicity of the system and the autonomy that stems from it create a particularly convivial signage.

This mission covered the design as well as technical specifications (plans, specifications, descriptions).
Espace Winson is scheduled to open in 2016.