Exhibition scenography

This thematic exhibition, organized by the ICA as part of the 'Temps d'Archi', takes place in Liège from May 6 to June 6, 2022.
Liège maintains a complex and historical relationship with risk of flooding. The ebbs and flows of the river have contributed to shaping the space, encouraging but also limiting its development. In the aftermath of the human, social and ecological drama represented by the floods that drowned Western Europe in July 2021, FLUCTUATIONS asks a specific question: can architecture, urban planning and landscape reconcile the river and the inhabitants?

The scenography, placed in a commercial ground floor in conversion of the center of Liège, is also an opportunity to participate in the revitalization of the city center.
It highlights the different international and local approaches, as much documentary as sensitive, historical as prospective, landscape as architectural, and offers a central space for exchange, discussion, pedagogy, through a set of translucent partitions.