Woodwize / Wood.be

Interior architecture

Office renovation, covering approximately 800 m2 and situated in a building dating back to the 1970s that had never been renovated before. The challenge was to transform this space into a more contemporary, inspiring, and sustainable environment while preserving the original character of the building.

Special attention was given to sustainability throughout the project. We prioritized recycling and material recovery, while also ensuring to utilize as many local Belgian manufacturers as possible. This approach not only ensures the quality of the materials but also helps reduce the project's ecological footprint.

One of the major challenges was to create distinct spaces for each company while fostering a collaborative atmosphere. To achieve this, we designed customized work areas for each company, highlighting their unique identities while also providing shared spaces such as meeting rooms, a kitchen, relaxation areas, and a common entrance.

By working closely with our clients, we were able to design spaces that perfectly meet their operational, aesthetic, and identity-related needs.