Atelier Blink, specialized in objects and space design, offers sensitive solutions embedded in a world full of references.
Her pragmatic and experimental approach, always derived from necessity, is based on the desire to interact with space, to create narrative and emotional ties within the context of functionality and usability.
Through her practices, Atelier BLINK works with various collaborators (architects, graphic designers, plastic artists,…) to develop projects of all sizes, shapes and forms.
From conception to coordination practices, her projects revolve around the areas of furniture design, urban and interior design and exhibition scenography, for both public and private clients.

Some of the clients include :
Deli Traiteur, Belgacom, suède36, Quartier Dansaert, Mutualité Socialiste, Latitude Junior, ComputerLand, Peugeot, JCX Immo, Les Petits Riens, The Collection, V+ architecture, Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles capitale, Mr & Mme productions, Hatshoe, Levi’s Paint, Vlaemsch, ADEB, Direction des Monuments et sites, Baukunst architecture, Ministère de la Communauté française, Minale Design Strategy, Tempora, Designed in Brussels, Ministère bruxellois de l’environnement, Sanoma magazines, Mooz, VF Corporation, White hotel, Brufête, Côte d’or, etc ...